Superb has been supplying upholstery retailers since the year 2000 with high quality leather furniture. We have been manufacturing for the upholstery market for many years and give excellent service and innovative design. We are world leaders in style and creativity and use traditional hand crafted methods of manufacture supported by modern techniques and machinery to supply all our customers with the best upholstery products in the world.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Shenzhen, China where we produce and ship over 800 containers a month. Our workforce is made up of 2400 people and our factories cover over 170,000 sqr metres of floor space.

We have an extensive sales team which supports all our customers to ensure they get the best service possible. Our aim is to build a long term relationship and to achieve success for all of our customers. We now successfully supply six of the seven continents of the world with high quality leather furniture and adapt ourselves to all their different requirements.

We constantly look for the finest leathers which we source from all over the world. Our leather collection has over 80 leather articles with 200 colour options.

Superb’s company ethos is to supply the best manufactured, the best styled, the most comfortable leather furniture in the world.